President              Phil Gagner            

Secretary              Larry LeFevre                      

Treasurer              Jim Ritchie                      

Landscape            Steve Smolek                      


Kingswood Board of Directors

Board Meeting

​There is no KHOA Board Meeting scheduled at this time.

Yellow and Orange Lawn Markers

Small flag markers have been placed in lawns throughout the neighborhood by City of St. Charles work crews. This is for the install of a new high-speed fiber network.
Click the link above for additional details.


  • If you're making any changes to the outside of your home, this includes replacing shingles, driveway and new paint, please submit your plans to the Kingswood Board of Directors - email form to

  • Kingswood has a uniform mailbox that homeowners are responsible for purchasing.  See the "Info" link for more details.

Welcome to Kingswood

     Welcome home!  We are happy you have decided to make the Kingswood neighborhood in St. Charles, Illinois your home.  

     The goal of the Kingswood HOA is to create an enjoyable, safe, and community oriented neighborhood.  We are fortunate to live in a such a wonderful area.

Kingswood of St. Charles, Illinois

Note: The Kingswood Townhomes Owners Association is part of our subdivision.  Their website can be accessed by clicking here.

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