Kingswood of St. Charles, Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions - Page 2

What is the Basketball Hoop Standard?

Basketball - In Paragraph 3.15 of the Covenants, there exists a statement that basketball standards or backboards shall be permitted as long as they are “free standing”, not attached to a Dwelling, Garage or other Building. The Board feels that this provision is very clear although it apparently has created some misunderstanding. The paragraph simply provides that “free standing” means not attached to any other dwellings or structures. A portable basketball standard or one that is installed in a concrete foundation is considered to be “free standing”. It is noted, however, that the location of the basketball standard that is installed in a concrete foundation would require prior action by the Architectural Review Committee.

How is a Single Family defined within the Covenants?

Single Family - Paragraph 1.16 provides that a dwelling as any building intended for the shelter and housing of a Single Family and paragraph 1.32 sets forth restrictions with respect to single family. Single Family shall mean one or more persons, each related to other by blood, marriage, or adoption, or a group of not more than three (3) persons not all so related, maintaining a common household in a dwelling.

What are the Animal Control and Dog Runs Standards?

Animal Control and Dog Runs - Paragraph 3.22 sets forth restrictions with respect to domestic household pets. No more than three (3) dogs or cats or any combination therefore shall be kept on any lot. Also, there shall be no exterior dog runs.

What if I need my mailbox replaced?

There are a couple of options in replacing your mailbox. 

T.K. Industries, Inc. (The original manufacturer and installer)

10040 Lancaster

Mokena, IL 60448


Mail Box and Flag Company

545 N. Lake St. 

Mundelein, IL 60060