Kingswood of St. Charles, Illinois

What is the Kingswood Homeowners Association?

The Kingswood Homeowners Association is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation that represents the Kingswood sub-division of single family homes on the far east side of St. Charles. For more information see the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Kingswood Single Family Homes Subdivision; Article V Homeowners Association.​

How do I sign up for KHOA association membership?

Every homeowner shall be a member of the association, membership shall be appurtenant to and may not be separated from ownership of any Lot.

What are the KHOA assessments and what do they pay for?

Each homeowner, by taking title to a Lot, shall be deemed to have covenanted and agreed to pay to the Association annual assessments or charges and special assessments for capital improvements and unforeseen expenses. The Kingswood assessments provide for maintenance and operation of the Common Area, monuments, landscape and/or walk easements, and in general to maintain and promote the desired character of the Development.

What are the Covenants?

The intention of the Covenants is to protect our environment and maintain the value of our homes. You should have received a copy of the Covenants at your closing, if not, a PDF copy can be downloaded from Kingswood General Documents.

Why do I have to comply with the KHOA Covenants?

The Covenants are filed with Kane County in conjunction with all Kingswood properties and therefore are essentially a deed restriction.  Purchasing a property within Kingswood represents your agreement to abide by Covenants. They are the rules that govern changes, and in some instances (e.g. parking) exterior activity at your residence. The Covenants require approval of most exterior changes to your property by the Architectural Review Committee before they are made.  The intent of covenants is to ensure that property values and quality of life in the Kingswood area remain desirable.

​​What is the Kingswood Architectural Review Committee?

The Kingswood Architectural Review Committee reviews and approves new building and exterior remodeling of homes in Kingswood to ensure compliance with Kingswood Covenants.

​​What are the Architectural Standards?

The Covenants for Kingswood charge the Kingswood Architectural Review Committee with the duty of insuring that exterior alterations to the homes in Kingswood conform to a standard of quality workmanship, quality materials and a harmony of design within the community. The Architectural Standards guide its decision making process and assist homeowners planning alterations to their homes. For more information see the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Kingswood Single Family Homes Subdivision; Article III General Restrictions and Article IV Architectural Controls.

What are the Fence Restrictions?

Fences - Paragraph 3.13 provides that no wall or fence shall be erected or maintained on any lot with the exception of fences required for swimming pools or as required by City Ordinances. A swimming pool fence shall be permitted within the rear yard of any lot as required by the City Ordinance. However, the height of the fence shall not exceed the minimum height permitted by the City Ordinance and shall have the appearance set forth in Exhibit “F” which is attached to the Declaration of Covenants. All such fences are required to be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

What are the Architectural Controls?

Pursuant to Article IV of the Declaration of Covenants, certain architectural controls are in place with respect to the subdivision. The Board appoints an Architectural Review Committee to review any construction or improvements. The mechanism for submitting those proposed improvements to the Board is set forth in Article IV. Prior to beginning any external construction of any sort, you are required to present your proposal to the Architectural Review Committee who is then responsible to follow the process set forth in the Covenants. The Committee is also authorized to promulgate certain architectural standards, policies and guidelines governing the construction, location, landscaping, design of improvements, etc. and plans to do so and will keep you advised as to those rules.

What is the Kingswood Conservation Covenants?

The Kingswood Tree Conservation Zone Covenants is part of the recorded legal documents pertaining to the Kingswood subdivision. They are the rules that govern changes to the Tree Conservation Zone, the restrictive Covenants which shall run with the land for the benefit of all lot owners. The Tree Conservation Zone shall remain in its natural state, free from any principal and accessory residential structures or other unnatural change by its present or future owners.

What are the Conservation Restrictions?

No present or future owner of a lot shall remove living trees or shrubs, or grade, grub, excavate, fill, or construct any structure of any kind on or within the Tree Conservation Zone except as may be approved in writing by the City of St. Charles. Each present or future owner of a lot shall restore, or cause to be restored, any disturbed natural area in accordance with the principles and practices of prudent forestry management which may include, but not be limited to, the pruning, replacement and/or removal of fallen, damaged, diseased, or dead trees and shrubs, all in accordance with plans approved by the City of St. Charles. The City shall have the right to enter upon any lot to enforce this restrictive Covenant.

What is the Review and Approval Process?

A property owner or contractor who desires to make any changes within the Tree Conservation Zone on a lot shall submit a written request to the City of St. Charles Community Development, Planning Office (TEL 630.377.4443). The request will be reviewed for compliance with the Tree Conservation Zone Covenant and guidelines. Written approval from the City must be received before proceeding with any of the activities described in Sections A, B, C, and D of the Kingswood Conservation Covenants, even if they are allowed by the Guidelines. Requests for approval must provide complete information about the work to be performed. The Conservation Area Action Request Form is available online.

What is the primary intent of the Conservation Zone Guidelines?

The primary intent of the Tree Conservation Zone is to protect and enhance the diversity, health and vigor of the tree, shrub, herbaceous plant, grass species within the Zone in order to protect wildlife habitat as well as enhance the aesthetic qualities of the properties adjacent to it.

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